International Festival of parkour in Kharkov (23 photos)

In Kharkov hosted the 5th annual International Festival of parkour "Ding Day." The festival included performances of teams in Parkour, Freerunning and Tricking and-break-dance and hip-hop.

For Parkurist was built special building height with 3-storey house. Parkurist climb and jump from it, doing flips and acrobatics

Flight ...

Freerunning - is to overcome obstacles at speeds that are obstacles for a normal person :)

Parkurist in

Teams Parkurist on vacation. In the background construction from which sprang

Then there were competitions in tricking the Olympic system. Tricking - is something like a custom game alone. Output 2 parkurschika first exercise books, such as a pair of flip off podvypertom :), and the second must exactly fulfill the order, if it is allowed to add podvyperty (elements) from yourself and surpass the first in the steepness of acrobatic tricks. Orders and executes each several times. Three judges determine the winner.


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