Just a handful of grapes will need to refresh and smooth the skin.

Grapes need to take red. Pre-drip its juice on the skin, to ensure that the variety of berries does not cause you an allergic reaction. If the test is successful, proceed to prepare the mask.
Mash a handful of berries with cream. The mixture should turn out juicy but quite thick.

Apply the resulting slurry on the face, making sure to come across and bones, and skin.

Hold the face mask 20 minutes, then rinsed cool milk. The use of the cream is not recommended. If you do grape mask before going to bed, which is optimal, the morning will be able to wash your face tonic.

Remember that it is necessary to prepare the mask without the use of metal objects. Do not knead the berries with a fork or spoon. And, especially, do not mix products in a blender.


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