Vladimir Putin and his transport (19 photos)

Yesterday the Prime Minister personally pass on a Formula 1 car at a speed of 240 kilometers per hour. This was the starting point to gather in one post all the traffic, which went Vladimir Putin
Putin yellow Lada Kalina.

Putin amphibious aircraft-200 (at the time of fighting fires in the summer of 2010)

In the cockpit of the Tu-160

On board the heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great" during exercises of the Northern Fleet.

In submersibles before descending to the bottom of Lake Baikal.

Fish on the boat. In the hands - caught grayling.

The boat is involved in "scientific hunting" on the gray whale.

Putin at Harley-Davidson. On the bike congress in Sevastopol.

Evaluates new "Volga-Siber».

Personal car Putin - well restored "Volga" GAZ-21 1956 release.

Behind the wheel of an SUV "Niva-Jungle».

In the car, "Nissan", at the opening ceremony of "Nissan" in Russia.

And, of course, straight from the tin: Putin at the wheel of the car, "Formula 1»

Vladimir Putin on horseback.




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