The office of bishop (23 photos)

This is the office of Bishop Panteleimon of Orekhovo-Zuyevo in the temple of holy Prince Dimitry at the 1st City Hospital.
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Frankly, I expected to see a lot of gold and luxury, and here computer, paper and family photos ...

But there is one thing that can be done here and not be in a normal office. Here Bishop can practice.

 - Computer with Internet access? Is not that diabolical?
 - If in good faith, there is no.

Room elder sister sisterhood.

The editorial board of the Orthodox life "Boring garden»

This room painters

They work alongside

Homeless Assistance Group to the Commission on the church social activities at the diocesan council of the city of Moscow.
Here are arranged social workers hospitals and bus "Mercy».

Clothes for homeless stored immediately.

Reference Service "Mercy". (495) 972-97-02. Girls take a half thousand calls a month, and during the past year 600 fires per day.

Workplace free nursing service of St. Dimitry Sisterhood.
Sisters provide medical services supine and travel restrictions for people at home, help in the home - cleaning, cooking, shopping, and congratulations on a great holiday.


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