Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell in St. Petersburg (11 pics + text)

On Wednesday, November 24, in St. Petersburg ended International Tiger Forum, which was attended by the heads of governments of 13 countries included in the habitat of the predator. In addition to the political fate of endangered animals were indifferent and representatives of culture and show business. The night before the forum was a concert at the Mikhailovsky Theatre. Among the guests was Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and led the concert - the American top model Naomi Campbell. The forum DiCaprio, who has actively participated in the World Wildlife Fund for tiger conservation, met with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Leonardo DiCaprio, managed to get to St. Petersburg only the third attempt: November 21, the actor flew to the scheduled flight from New York, and when the plane gained altitude, hit one of the engines. The second plane due to excessive fuel consumption could reach only up to Helsinki. In Helsinki, the plane refueled, and the actor was able to finally get to St. Petersburg.

DiCaprio, despite the incident in the air, landed on the "Tiger Forum" to donate one million dollars to save tigers.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been actively involved in the work of the World Wildlife Fund for tiger conservation and serves as a member of the Foundation Board.

Putin discussed with DiCaprio plan Tiger.


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