The feed uninvited guests? (6 photos)

So we need:

Red cabbage.

Leaving behind the scenes, as I extracted the juice of red cabbage. Options bit: juicer or a fine grater, and then squeeze through cheesecloth.
A lot of it is not necessary.

Beat the eggs and separated into whites and yolks. Needless to say that trying to do without damaging the egg yolks?

The Squirrels add juice of cabbage. On 4 protein 1 teaspoon provides a poisonous green color (fallout style), if you overdo it (I am still too far), the color will turn blue and not a poisonous ...
The taste of the juice of the final product, in such quantities is not affected.

Stir well, but do not stir (otherwise frying texture will not egg, and like pumice - microporous).

Then who I like and what was used. Who's oil who in lard, who are still at it. Do not limit your imagination. Put the pan on the fire and proceed to frying.

Pour proteins (although proteins it is called is already extremely difficult) to the pan.


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