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Cheetah cubs from different mothers were born in December, with an interval of 10 days at the Smithsonian Conservation of Nature (Front Royal). They brought one mother. Experts cheetahs closely watching this pair, as it is only the sixth case of adoptees in North America since 1995.

Cheetah cubs weighed zoo keeper and a veterinarian. Zazi, 9-year-old mother of 2-week baby female (yet unnamed), has adopted a 3-year-old male cub born at the 5-year-old mother named Amani.

Zazi holila and cherished kitten-boy who has had to give a name, from December 21, when the staff hoisted it to her because he had little chance to survive, as his mother, he was born one.

In the litter of cheetahs usually three or four cubs. In the wild, baby, born alone, dies because it can not stimulate his mother to produce enough milk to feed him for two months - until he begins to eat meat.

Both cheetahs probably go to one of the other six centers for the breeding of cheetahs in North America. The complex Front Royal is now nine cheetahs (including two cubs), and the National Zoo - four.


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