Wet New Year in Australia (12 photos)

Severe flooding in the north east of Australia's tropical storm caused "Tasha." Heavy rains flooded several settlements in Queensland. Despite the fact that the rain stopped, the water in the rivers continues to rise. The main blow fell on the agricultural element of Queensland.

As announced on Friday, December 31, Prime Minister Anna Bligh state, cut off from civilization, are the 22 cities. In the affected areas by helicopters delivered food and essentials things. Disaster area patrolled by the police to prevent looting. As reported on Monday, the Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald, citing local authorities, flood victims were three men, one is listed as missing. In the area were flooded more than 200 thousand chelovek.Vlasti were forced to completely evacuate the two towns. People were placed in temporary evacuation centers. Flooding led to the closing of the port, where sugar is exported, and the suspension of work in the coal mines in the state Kvislend. Huge losses are several areas of the Australian economy - mining industry, agriculture and tourism. According to preliminary calculations, the economic damage from the raging elements exceeds $ 6 billion. Forecasters say that, despite the decline in rainfall, in some areas the water level in the rivers is still growing.


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