Bar with mermaids

Sacramento is about to open a new bar "Dive Bar", the main "chip" which will be a long aquarium above the bar, which in addition to exotic fish will swim ... mermaid.

Aimee Alejandra (left) and Ellen Hancock and spend movement in suits mermaids in the bar «Dive Bar», which is soon to open in Sacramento.

Rachel Smith with his tail before diving into the aquarium.

Rachel Smith takes a shower before diving into the tank to wash away any makeup or lotion that can harm the fish in the aquarium.

Rachel Smith washes before diving into the aquarium with fish in the bar «Dive Bar». Her makeup made from Rose Hill Company «Los Gatos», which is engaged in a professional make-up for actors in films and on television. All cosmetics - waterproof and harmless to fish.

Rachel Smith dons mermaid tail before diving into the water.

Rachel Smith in the image of a mermaid over the bar in the club «Dive Bar».

Ellen Hancock fulfills movement in the aquarium.


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