Social Networks

  • Every 20 minutes, nearly a million references apply to facebook.
  • Every hour, about 4.5 million people are invitations to various events in facebook.
  • Every minute, 100,000 people become friends because of facebook.
  • Approximately half of the people spend between 1 and up to 5 hours in social networks.
  • The number of searches on Google more than one billion a day.
  • Facebook is the third country in the world (after India and China) with a population of a billion people.
  • The user comes to your account about 2 times a day, in Russia, respectively, much more.
  • In the world there are about 200, 000, 000 different blogs.
  • 80% of people believe the opinion online friends more , if real friends.
  • Here is the list of user preferences from some countries of the world:
    1. US - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
    2. Germany - Facebook, Twitter, Xing
    3. United Kingdom - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
    4. Russia - VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook
    5. Dangerous side of social networks:
    6. According to the statistics of social networks in the 26-fold increase in the number of crimes.
    7. In the year about 100 people in the world are paying with their lives for a message, writing in the social network.
    8. Because of the social networks every third couple in the world is diluted
    9. In the vein of the social sphere increases the risk of suicide in adolescents.
    10. In sotsialke behind you can follow. ul>


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