In the center of Moscow new building

After the sensational stories about the construction on the hill Borovitsky depositary for the Moscow Kremlin Museums (involves the construction of a building with a height of a seven-story house), the public is actively interested in all the construction work in the center of Moscow. In turn the new building of the Russian State Library. Place building - street Vozdvizhenka. All permission from the city authorities have received the money allocated. To build this building will have to demolish some houses. For technical parameters are listed as dilapidated. Tenants Russell.


The total area declared in the project - 83 872 square meters. m, including the area:
depositories - 23 700 sq. m;
reading rooms - 5500 sq. m;
office space - 11,400 square meters. m.
Also promise to dig up a parking lot for 160 cars.

The new building will consist of RSL 5 and 7-storey buildings. For comparison, the height of the existing stacks in Starovagankovsky Lane - about 9-storey building. And even 7 floors will be underground.

A feature of the new building will be an underground tunnel, which will connect the two stacks. In it and install a conveyor belt will transport the books ordered by readers. Thus the promise to reduce waiting time. "Oldies" (large chain conveyor) will end, finally, it will include. For the first time since 1953.

The plan shows that the building is almost entirely located in the middle of the block. Only 2 small plot overlooks the streets Vozdvizhenka and Cross Lane.


Place of future construction. Residential houses left to be demolished.


Plot on the street Vozdvizhenka, where the fence will be visible facade of the new building.


Cross Lane, is demolished two houses, the tenants will settle. I wonder where they will be given an apartment?


Here is the five-storey building demolished.


Houses are really in disrepair.


In here is a project born in Mosproject. Of promising infrastructure conference hall for 334 places, a conference room for 100 people, a café and a restaurant. The exact number of reading rooms is not yet known, but is expected to create 820 new places for readers.


The new library will transport about 6, 4 million. Publications, which are now stored in the warehouses of the RSL in Mozhaisk and who rarely handed out, although the library is obliged to do it on the first treatment readers. Total stacks designed for 18, 5 million. Units. Should be enough for 50 years.


More promise to make the entrance to the library directly from the underground, most likely with the Alexander Garden.





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