The snow-white desert of Argentina

A cursory glance at this snow-white plains have thoughts of snow and cold. But this is the first impression is deceptive - the temperature in the Argentine desert Salinas Grandes salt on some days reaching 45 degrees Celsius.

Salinas Grandes - a vast salt marsh located in a tectonic depression at an altitude of 170 m between the ridges of the Sierra Pampa in Argentina.

Salar cross the highway and railroad trip which offers impressive views of the snow-white expanse.

The total area of ​​the Salinas Grandes salt desert - about 8,500 km2.

Salinas Grandes - is a relic of the dried lake bottom. This lifeless plain is suitable only for the extraction of mineral salts.

On the territory of the borders of the marsh Argentine province of Salta and Jujuy.


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