Fight underground club in Moscow

Learn about what to do and how members of the underground fight club in Moscow, you can from this story.

26-year-old office worker Eugene Nazarenko (left) organized an underground fight club. Twice a month, participants gather at the appointed place and beat each other face. We do not learn to fight, we learn to suppress fear - says Nazarenko.

Before fighting club members hold special exercise. Four people surround the fifth, yelling obscenities at him and strongly pressed. The idea is that the fifth felt fear and realized that this fear to do. Exercise is very effective, even those who are just beginning to experience the excitement of nearby.

Here everything is real. In the stalls to beat until a still did not ask for mercy. Previously, all fought without gloves, but the bruises on their faces raised questions on the job.

If your nose is broken or cracked a little eyebrow, "fast" will help other members of the club, there is a first aid kit. Physician in the club is not.


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