How to choose the right bathroom lighting: the main criteria

Bathroom lighting is essential and hard to argue with. It performs primarily a practical task, but it can also be an excellent addition to the interior, eliminate the imperfections of the room and create the required atmosphere. When choosing lighting, it is important to understand that there is high humidity in the bathroom. You can't do without safety precautions.

Which type of fixture is best?
There is a wide variety on the market, which can be conditionally divided into:
  • open;
  • built-in.

General lighting is usually the responsibility of a ceiling lamp. You can buy a chandelier in Kiev, and this will be a great solution for the bathroom. You can also complement the interior with wall-mounted options if you need to highlight important areas, for example, a mirror, a washbasin. Outdoor types of devices are used for decoration.

The number of lighting devices should be selected based on the area of the room. For a small room, the area of which does not exceed 5 sq. m, one ceiling chandelier with 2-3 lamps is enough.

Bathroom Lighting Safety
Great care should be taken when choosing a luminaire for rooms with high humidity. Follow these rules:
  • power should not exceed 12 W;
  • lighting fixtures must be protected from moisture and corrosion.

It is better to entrust the design of the layout of wiring, sockets to professionals. Use LED bulbs for luminaires, not incandescent bulbs. In this case, even if water drops enter, the light bulb will not explode or be injured by glass fragments.


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