356 meters above the ground (13 photos)

TV Tower CN Tower (CN Tower) in Toronto is one of the largest buildings in the world.
The other day it opened an unusual attraction "Walk on the edge." At an altitude of 356 meters is an observation deck, which is
narrow (half-meter width) circular platform around the tower, where there are no fences.
Tourists who want to walk along the edge of a cliff attached to his lifeline.

Each adventurous should wear a special suit. All equipment that can take with you,
whether it's a camera, camcorder, portable video or phone should always be attached to the harness.
The phone fell from the 300-meter height, can mess things up a lot of trouble.
"Walking along the edge of the" not cheap - will have to pay 175 Canadian dollars for half an hour an indescribable feeling.
After such extreme entertainment visitors can relax in the restaurant "360" (360 Degrees), which is located here in the tower.


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