Volkswagen New Beetle: I want to be a "Porsche" !.









In the 50s of the last century it produced a very interesting machine. It was called the Porsche 356. In fact, the 356 was a transitional link between people's machine VW Beetle and supercar of all time Porsche 911. This article also you can find in the April issue of MAXI Tuning 2006.

More precisely, it was an easy sports car based on the VW Kafer. Of course, to create a sports car based on the mass of cheap model it was very difficult. And it could only make a genius - Ferdinand Porsche. The new "Beetle" - one that New Beetle, completely different. Not cheap, and it can hardly be called a mass. But when you try to create a sports car of his sweat will have no less than Mr. Porsche in creating 356.
Nadduty beetle

This "Beatle" really lucky. It involved people from tuning HokoriTeam. And they have such a principle - the machine must not only look good on shows and exhibitions, but also show good results on the racetrack.

First of all under the hood thrown so prevalent VAGovsky engine 1, 8T - decided that in order to achieve the above-mentioned "good results" its capacity is insufficient (spopnoe, by the way, the assertion). In its place stood a two-liter 20-valve longblock from Eurospec. Forged piston and rings JE, H-shaped connecting rods and forged knee Eurospec. In general, the bottom of the serious (and the cost of his correspondence). With a choice of turbine long tormented: turbokit established by ATP. The main character of this set - ball-bearing turbine Garrett 30/40. Full release, consists of a collector, appaypa, downpipe, continuous-flow catalyst and terminal muffler is also made in the ATP. Boost pressure boost controller manages Apex-i AVC-R, and hiss when you reset the gas - blow-off Greddy.

Coupling - the top model from Clutchmaster (lightweight flywheel, rigid basket and metal drive assembly): the standard would not survive, and the pair starts with the power (400 forces from the wheels!). Speaking of starts: limited slip differential helps Pelequin not stand still, one wheel skidding and turning into smoke an expensive low-profile tire. Driving a left front. In addition, Eurospec ordered a new series in the CPR - with a longer first and sixth gears. Standard first is too short for such a motor (again useless axle boxes or start from turboyamy), and the sixth set to not twist the motor for long spans and high speeds. We protect the engine and fuel economy - which is unusual for Americans.
Thus, the machine is now dispersed, and very good. Of course, when the improved accelerating dynamics was not enough standard brakes, and suspension of the drain "for girls" it had no way to leave. Adjustable KONI lowering springs and hard Apex seriously improve the car's behavior on the road. As for the brakes, the front were installed porshevskie brakes assembly (of the 993rd model), and the rear - perforated fans from ABDracing with calipers from the Audi TT.

"Oh, what a sweetie!»

Well, here's the perfect New Beetle. Is that looks like this "bug", to put it mildly, non-aggressive, and to submit it soon manicure shop around rather than dregstripe. The guys from HokoriTeam diluted flirty yellow dark black, put on bumper ABDracing, sills and rear spoiler Caractere style Porsche. Plus, of course, minor details of styling: Fuel tank flap from TT, transparent repeaters, homemade brake under the wing. And another very important elements of the appearance, which serve primarily to increase capacity: intercooler and release from TechArt. Last actually made for the Porsche 996.

This could be, and stop unless toned car mirror film in a circle, so that no one from the outside could not see stock interior. But in America I do not really favor "dead" toning. It was necessary to finalize the interior ... Although, of course, is not the case. As already mentioned, the guys from HokoriTeam leave no one element of the machine unattended.
Shop dismantled and installed roll cage - as a tribute to the sporty character of the car. Already collected cockpit of the new components and is made in the same yellow and black scheme as the body. Polukovshi Cobra, aluminum pedals, and the ducts of the TT, additional devices Autometer, aluminum carpets and aluminum dashboard - in short, the style observed. Also notice how the wheel looks cool from the 930-th model Porsche (incidentally, he installed an adapter Momo)!

What kind of car show without music?

Home Music 400-strong vehicle - is, of course, the sound of the engine ... Personally, we would only listen to him. But the laws require genre ... it Said - done. Install a good multimedia system. Apparently, the owner of the car has a good discount from suppliers Kenwood. Of the components of a whole system, three amplifiers, three subwoofers, DVD-player, CD-changer - Full stuffing. And (oh, our eyes have not seen!) Playstation II. Well, can not the Americans not to overreact.

And yet, now that talk about music - horn for this monster is borrowed from the old "beetle". You have never heard the mournful sound?

Umornaya thing.

The machine is assembled, it's time for tests. The result of the race at the quarter-mile - 12, 6 seconds! Now the owner is proud to stick on your car - well, for example, the label «GT-3 ', because not every Porsche can boast such a time! This Beetle travels to various exhibitions and car-party collects prizes and wants to be a Porsche. And we have approached him, slapped least on carbon-fiber hood and said, "Why do you have a Porsche, and you're so cool!".


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