High-quality clothing is safety and fruitful work of employees

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Successful and safe work of workers in production, maintenance depends on the presence in the Arsenal of comfortable, quality work clothes. The selection of the suitable items of equipment of the employees is directly linked to the activity of the company.

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Selection criteria items of clothing workers
Give your employees a secure and comfortable workwear is a priority of the leadership of each firm. Thus, all conditions are created for fruitful work of the employees. An important factor is the security of the workers. When selecting suitable items of equipment staff should be guided by certain criteria.

  • Species working clothes. In sale there are simple and protective garments. The first category includes light, not constraining movements, hygienic things, contributes to a comfortable employment. The second is designed to protect users in dangerous situations that could arise during the work (shocks, corrosive chemicals, fire, electricity, etc.).
  • Dimensions. Uniform, protective clothing needs well to sit on their owners, not restrict movement, do not interfere in the work. In comparison with conventional clothing, the sizes of professional models determined in accordance with a gain that depends on the specific type of work. For example, the shape of the health care worker should be selected with a minimum margin. At the same time, builders, road workers need to provide free model warm jackets, so that users can also wear coveralls, thermal underwear.
  • Colors. This factor is directly connected with the functional purpose of specialized clothing. Signal form sewn from materials in orange, yellow tone, clearly visible in poor light conditions. The guards, the military traditionally include costumes from camouflage fabric. Often the colors of the garments employees selected in accordance with the corporate colors of the company.
  • The quality of the materials. In the priority — ordering work clothes made from fabrics with a high degree of wear resistance, breathable, diverting the excess heat from the body, easily washable and hygienic.
  • Compliance to a specific protection class. Compliance with the requirement of safety personnel. The person responsible for the selection of equipment should be guided by the applicable rules on the basis of specifics of employees.

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