High-quality clothes from European manufacturers

Seventy nine million seven hundred eighty five thousand five hundred fifty two

High-quality clothing is a required uniform for the majority of workers. Its main function – protective. Therefore, the textile for sewing is selected accordingly, future conditions:
  • in the metallurgical industry;
  • on construction sites;
  • car repair;
  • medical institutions;
  • laboratories.


Businesses and private buyers the Internet-shop of workwear offers the quality products of Polish production. In Lviv already know TM Urgent, and appreciate the finished product for functionality.

Quality from Europe
Proven clothes for different job specialties can be offered to THEM "ProfileService". Available in the range of products made from natural materials and has appropriate certificates. From the catalog on this website you can find the following products:
  • pant models;
  • styles the upper jacket;
  • convenient options suits.

Clothing practical and versatile in use. It can buy as plumbers, movers, and farmers to perform work on the farm. Working suits or separate elements cut to convenient patterns, matched to specific sizes. For jackets and pants there are a large number of pockets. They will be convenient to place tools for home craftsmen or professionals.

The fabric itself is made from natural fibers with different percentage of additives synthetics. So wear long wear and eliminates the effect of the mating body. And uses a hypoallergenic material, thanks to which completely eliminates the possibility of rash and unpleasant tactile sensations. For men and women are different styles. This means that workers can dress up not only safe but also stylish.

Always a great selection at affordable prices
The online store offers uniforms for workers and managerial specialties. Inexpensive but high-quality goods provided by the Polish and Czech producers. All the proposed costumes detail thought out, and the abradable areas (elbows and knees) from provided lining. Material tailoring is also different. This can be a simple cotton suit or with additional treatment to protect the skin from contact with industrial oils, chemicals, heat.



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