Leaving in danger is criminal liability

According to the latest statistics, Russia is home to more than 146 million people, and each of the 146-th of them is a criminal. The crime of which we are talking is not only dangerous, but also immoral. And if you are faced with this problem, you will be able to help the lawyer in criminal cases http://uristorg.ru/cat/moskva-ugolovnoe-pravo which provides its services to all citizens of the Russian Federation in the sphere of criminal law, the first consultation is free.
What is the wrongfulness of conduct:
  • the victim should be in such a condition that threatens his life or health;
  • due to old age, illness, or infancy, simply can not rescue ourselves;
  • the offender is obliged to care about someone because of their profession or other factors, or he has created a dangerous person for the situation;
  • person has the opportunity to provide assistance to those who find themselves in a dangerous situation.
The law noted that age is considered childhood and adolescence to 14 years. Old age is the precise time intervals is not defined, at least formally, you can associate it with the onset of retirement age (and here there is some conflict due to the fact that the retirement age in our country increases). And retirees are in a different physical and intellectual form.


Also people may be considered helpless if he's sick, the functioning of his body broken, for example, is unconscious. A natural disaster can also be considered as a factor in determining guilt.
It is important that all the above condition are taken into account only in the event of a real deprivation of opportunities for a person to take action for self-preservation.
What was not necessarily a dangerous situation is created by the perpetrator, it can also occur by itself. People who can swim, but not saved a drowning man was guilty. The car owner is able to take to the hospital in his car injured in a road accident the pedestrian, but did not do so, violates the law.
Some categories of persons are simply obliged by law to act, to rescue the person in distress. For example, a kindergarten teacher, any police officer, fireman, employee of the Ministry. Guilty will be recognized and the person, which itself created the danger to the victim.
If the drunk woman who quarreled with her husband, left six-month-old daughter on the seawall, the court finds her guilty because she was aware that the child may fall in and drown. She was not interested in the child's condition. And saved his life only that the passerby found the baby and reported it. If the child died, his mother would have condemned in another article of the Criminal code.
Unfortunately, the media often report the deaths of young children, abandoned mothers, including, and leaving them in danger, which may indicate the low social culture of our society.


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