Sun reflexolo premium panoramic Windows, balconies

Eighty three million three hundred eighty thousand nine hundred forty five

Stained glass Windows, outdoor terraces, balconies and pergolas shade from the bright sun outside. For this purpose, reflexolo from Italy vertical type. Such structures are well dim wide openings, to protect from the heat living rooms, rest areas. In functionality it is similar with the following systems:
  • awnings;
  • zip systems;
  • roller blinds with special wind-resistant fabric.

Street shutters differ from interior high strength and large size. They do not break in the wind, withstand the scorching sun. Refer to eaves systems premium.

European quality, the original disinctly reflexolo withstand contact with different weather conditions, in their design used reinforced mechanisms and special fabric. Prepared and impregnated with protective substances textiles is an effective barrier:
  • bright sunlight;
  • the ultraviolet light;
  • precipitation.

Now popular for shutters with sheer panels of durable PVC film. They are very convenient to use to protect pavilions, commercial pavilions, tents.

In the standard version reflexolo painted silver, aluminium or trendy black. When ordering individual colors you can choose from the palette of Ral colours.

Wind-resistant design do not belong to the standard methods of protection panoramic Windows. These shutters will stand out against the background of the facades, garden decors. Reflexolo definitely attract the eye of guests and passers-by. Different robust and modern design.


Best buy with service dostavleniya vertical protective system with a quality guarantee from the manufacturer. Order products with delivery service:
  • the courier will deliver the shutters on the day of order, if the application is placed till 15:30 current date; the purchase amount shall not be less than 500 UAH.;
  • carrier products all over Ukraine delivers the "New Mail".

You can also use the collection service. Today to order and pick up the goods, need to apply to 15:30 on the current day. If the purchase is issued later, then take it the next day. Come in the period from 9-00 to 18-00 and do not overpay for shipping.

As for the payment reflexele, then you can make money in several ways. The fastest is to use a Bank card. The client is paying via LiqPay money for 1-2 minutes come at the expense of the seller.

You can pay for the purchase and issued the invoice. This will need to go to the cashier of any Bank and present a receipt from THEM TBI. If the item take it by yourself, it is possible to pay in cash directly at the cash Desk of the salon.



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