High quality glazing of balconies, loggias in the shortest possible time

Today, few people questioned the need for the glazing of balconies as a result of this procedure the benefits. After all, open balcony represents not only the most vulnerable from the cold, wind, precipitation (especially snow) part of the apartment, but most are not effectively used. Without glazing it remains just a utility room for storage don't put items in the apartment. And being glazed, balcony is an additional space for accommodation, a comfortable and attractive Seating area. An important argument in favor of the decision to immediately execute the glazing of loggias, which involves not only new residents, but other residents of high-rise buildings is also the best save in his heat in the apartment.

Should the level of the balcony glazing will only provide professionalideal, have the effect of glazing of balconies, loggias can be achieved only in the case when this work is carried out professionally by specialists with sufficient experience of implementation of such an operation. That is, compliance with appropriate technology and accounting before starting work:
  • the weight of the structure itself, the number of metal fasteners of which the floor, ceiling, walls depend on the size of the window and balcony;
  • distribution of opened parts of the system window – shutters;
  • correct choice of profile (preferred products having a maximum depth structure),
will help ensure the sustainability of installed glazing. And the joints between the shade and the sill, frame and walls with a special sealant – should be proofed against cold, rain, dust and noise.

Why to prefer the services of a "Ocracies"Today, there are lots of people wanting to carry out glazing of balconies, loggias, residents of Kiev and region. Take it and one-day companies, and artisans single. However, to be absolutely confident in the quality of the glass, its durability, you should choose the services of the company "of Anakiev" over the 14 years of its functioning in the industry who managed to create a reputation as a reliable and responsible contractor the most difficult steklyannyj works.

Important advantages of the company are complex approach to the execution of the glazing work ("the balcony under the key" for specialists in the shortest time), and use only high quality window profile REHAU (Germany), wherein:
  • wear resistance;
  • ergonomics;
  • the hypoallergenic.

The cost performed by the specialists of "Akacii" steklyannyj works are available and adequate to the complexity and volume of the order. The company has discretion in the timing of its implementation.


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