What is the difference the front doors of the series "the Suite" from the "Standard"?

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To choice front door needs a special care. It affects not only the comfort of residence or stay, but also safety. The modern market is replete with proposals, among which is easy to get lost. Moreover, there are very attractive models for an incredibly low price. Do not forget the adage about a free lunch, and if we choose product series, "Standard", to focus on a proven time and a decent producer, who makes no secret of the pros and cons of a particular model. Shop Cortez in its range has affordable front door "Luxury". The quality of the product and its reliability remain at a high level. In this article we will try to figure out what door "Luxury" models differ from "Standard".


The main differences of doors "Suite" from "Standard"
Door "Luxury" much more than a year beat the record of bestselling. This series is quite well known among consumers and construction companies, which offer their customers their installation. Choosing the front door "Luxury", you will receive a number of benefits including:
  • durability;
  • high strength;
  • trouble-free branded hardware.
  • the original modern design.


If you compare the price and quality, then there should be no doubt which door to choose. In comparison with a series of "Standard" this product is different in every area, though sometimes outwardly, the differences can be significant. For the production of "Lux" series used thicker metal, and its multi-level treatment eliminates the possibility of corrosion. Not inferior in quality and sealing elements. Such doors ensure that the room will not get odors, and drafts and can not speak. Doors the "Suite" are delivered in a complete package, they have a threshold, box, frames, locks and all other necessary accessories. Vandal-proof hinges not so simple to hack, even if you cut their gross physical method, the door will not open, as there are some secret strength which the firm holds under the cloak of secrecy.


Shop Cortez and his front door "Luxury" differ in quality from the most simple of products. Since such a thing is not for one year, and performs quite important functions, to save on this is impossible. Moreover, in this case, each sub-penny is justified.


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