Sun valley: the healing power of Transcarpathia

Fifty five million one hundred sixty five thousand one hundred nineteen

Transcarpathia is a unique recreation zone on the territory of Ukraine, a region with many natural therapeutic factors, leading climate resort. Order your ticket to right now and enjoy a majestic panorama and crystal air of the beautiful mountainous region.

Medical factorylocated mountain and forest air in perfect proportions exerts a powerful curative and preventive effects on the respiratory system. Essential oils of coniferous plants have irritating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Leisurely walks on the scenic paths, zoster wooded mountain slopes, strengthen the heart muscle and joints, promote healing of bronchitis and the pulmonary pathologies.

The first mention of the healing springs of Transcarpathia belong to the XV century. In the eighteenth century, was researched and determined the composition of mineral waters and deposits of the meadow was recognized as the best in Central and southern Europe. Regular consumption of the Transcarpathian mineral waters are indicated for ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic dysfunctions of the liver, gallbladder and ducts, metabolic and urogenital pathologies.

Beautiful scenery, clean air, a balanced diet and a regular routine of a sanatorium indirectly stabilize the nervous system, relieves stress and insomnia. The scenic path, broken on the site or in the surroundings, provide enough exercise to strengthen the muscles and stimulate the appetite.

Powerful diagnostic and medical base of sanatorium allows us to select individualized Wellness program for each guest.

Accommodation and conditions prozhivaenie rooms with balconies category "luxury" and "luxury" are comfortably furnished and equipped with:
  • air conditioning;
  • cable TV;
  • landline;
  • safe;
  • mini-bar.

The software also comes with a fridge, tableware, kettle and iron.

Entertainment programmatica infrastructure provides an opportunity for all vacationers to find entertainment to your liking:
  1. educational excursions;
  2. fitness equipment and sports equipment;
  3. rental of sports equipment;
  4. SPA, sauna, swimming pool.

For those who prefer (or are forced) to combine recreation with work or educational activities, provides services in the press center of the resort.

The resort will provide an additional level of service: can arrange transfers, book air and railway tickets, order taxi.

On request, guests of the sanatorium can receive the services of a hairdresser and beautician, to go to the pharmacy or to resort to professional cleaning of garments.


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