Three reasons to order the product for car online store

Eleven million two hundred eighty

Annual car maintenance consists of replacement of the following consumable parts: air filters, cabin filters and fuel filters, oil and antifreeze. In addition, the little things necessary to carry out the replacement brushes the front or rear window, headlight bulbs and other inexpensive parts. Full range available in LIDO — shop of automobile goods.

Why order products for the car online?
The first reason of ordering goods online. Replacing the air filter in the car is carried out without the use of tools. In the workshop, the whole operation takes less than a minute. And the expense will include expenses for the cost of the filter and of the work performed. And the price may vary from store more than two times. Then why pay more?

The second reason. Auto repair shop, often in the outfit not only written work but also the list of ordered items. With a detailed spec and description. You can visit the site and order all that is required for replacement of damaged parts. Of course, shipping and final cost will be cheaper. Surely the master will make the premium for the purchased item (e.g., including incidental expenses). Another important point – you can't be sure that the item is ordered on behalf of the Studio original, and meets the stated specifications. Our online store has a detailed specification for each item.

The third reason is personal savings. In the car, it is possible to replace at least 5-6 consumable parts independently. With the service, the price for the service may exceed 100% of the value of all acquired filters or oils. To make the wrong choice is impossible. Each lot contains a detailed description of the goods and article.

As it delivered the goods?
Options are configured with maximum convenience for the visitor. You have two options:
  • Delivered by courier buy with cod. The buyer is immediately calculated and receives a receipt;
  • If you are outside the location and delivery of goods, it is easiest to order through the Department of New mail. Delivery time is performed as quickly as possible. Payment is via Bank card.

Best price offer
Specific products have discounts from 5% to 40%.

Option viewed products
If you're looking for an article and accidentally missed it, no problem. The site has the ability to view the products page which you visited. Go to "About us" at the bottom of the page you will see the option "Viewed products". The service is available to any visitor regardless of, whether he had to register a personal account.

Save your money. Order the parts online and do not overpay the money for the work that can be done independently.


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