How to use and store inflatable bed?

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Inflatable furniture brings in the life of a man comfort and ease, not inferior to the usual bedroom furniture. These products are mobile, compact and convenient. Naturally, after you purchase inflatable beds everyone wants to buy served as long as possible. We tried to choose the most useful and simple rules of use.

Pumps for creativemuvo inflatable bed can be pumped air by means of special pumps – hand, foot or electric. Using an electric pump, you can blow an inflatable bed that is very convenient. There is a recommendation to inflate products standard pumps, for longer operating. It is strictly forbidden to inflate a bed with a compressor, motor pumps or dryers. You need to remember that warm air is hurting the product.

Strength inflatable crowdingout products allowed more or less, adjusting himself as comfortable as possible pumping. Pumping takes place until the moment when the bed fully acquire the elastic form without any folds. Prohibited as much to inflate the bed because it can cause rupture of seams and as a consequence the transmission of air.

Optimal pumping air inflatable bed – about three quarters of the total volume of the product. Fullness air should be even weaker if the bed will be more than 1 person or it is installed on the Sunny side – the air is heated, it expands and may also damage the joints.

Options sauvanet operation is quite simple as the producers have included it in the design of the product. Blow, inflatable bed with electric pump equipped with a special valve. If you can't blow it – it must be open and lightly pressing to the surface to release the air. It is not necessary to apply great force. More simple variant – to include built-in electric pump, having the function of reverse thrust.

Rules of storage of an inflatable creativeid how to lay the deflated product to a secluded place, you should inspect it for contamination and humidity. When there is dirt need to remove it with a damp cloth and dry. Cleaning the product is a soap or vinegar solution, is strictly forbidden to use abrasive chemicals and cleaners. To store the bed in a fully deflated in a warm and dry place with no sunlight. If the product has been in the cold, it is impossible to deploy and to inflate it for several hours until the temperature becomes room. Otherwise may damage the material.

In case of damage – punctures, cuts immediately to discover the injury and seal using a special kit or independently.


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