The advantages of buying apartments in Odessa realtor

Ninety three million fourteen thousand four hundred ninety four

An independent search of the apartment will be connected with several inconveniences:
  • High risk of potential fraud;
  • Lack of awareness of pricing proposals and legal advice;
  • The time costs.

Client without recourse to the company for the sale of real estate will almost certainly face those risks. Even if the conditions will allow him to get an apartment without encumbrances, will almost certainly price will correspond to market conditions. For one simple reason – through agent for a year is several hundred proposals and options using a buyer for life can be purchased no more than 2-3 apartments. Be misled and to make mistakes on the stage of the transaction will be very simple.


Why did the realtor suggest the best option of the apartment?
The client base of any professional real estate has several hundred proposals. Every potential customer's address is checked and evaluated independently of the price. For example, if you have any interest in buying apartments in Odessa – please contact us here. Here are the best options market at the best prices. You will not find another place with such a vast customer base and constantly updated apartments.


Transaction support
The lack of assistance in the preparation of the sale of the apartment leads to the following potential risks:
  • The agreement with obviously unfair terms for the buyer;
  • The presence of additional encumbrances on the property that the customer could not foresee or set;
  • The price does not match market expectations.

The agent will always advise what is the price today optimal. When there is a real opportunity to get funding in the Bank and what the conditions will be more attractive. For example, the average price in the prestigious Primorsky district of Odessa for November 2018 is 1142 USD. The change depends on the following factors:
  • The proximity to the shoreline;
  • Infrastructure network and social facilities;
  • The style of the home. The old prefabricated houses have a lower rating. The house was built monolithic method is the most popular on the market.

Apartment search
The agent requests the following information when searching for optimal customer options:
  • Price preference;
  • The number of storeys and age of the building;
  • The location of the property.

Every month in Odessa on sale about 1,5 thousand apartments. For independent search and choice of apartments will take more than one week. The rental Agency will perform the entire operation in a few days. The client will receive the apartment without risk: possible legal encumbrances, the presence of old unpaid debts or claims of third parties. Commission is always paid by the seller of the transaction. The buyer will never be additional costs. Seek professional advice – which will significantly save your time and money!



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