So whether harmful canned foods? How can I use them in different dishes?

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What is the benefit of canned foods? And how much they are harmful? For the beginning, conservation was invented by man a long time ago, in the same order in which invented the refrigerator. Canned products are manufactured using high-tech equipment and pass all quality checks, do not lose all their useful properties. This also applies to meat and vegetables, and fish. Yes, when you purchase a questionable product, you can find the marinade from synthetic additives and flavor enhancers. They are clearly not called.

However, canned and pickled products are indispensable in many cases. You should carefully approach the selection of canned and regulate the amount of salt, sugar and vinegar in them. Don't forget to read the part, it can say a lot about the production process. Canned food can help in:
  • The road, when there is no opportunity to shop and cook a full lunch or dinner;
  • Cases where there is no possibility to cook any dish;
  • Cooking using conservation as one of the ingredients;

The manufacture and use of gibberellinovaya pickled mushrooms made from boiled mushrooms and semi-finished products. The establishment of such conservation is a complex process that requires proper sanitary conditions.

As cooked mushrooms have a short shelf life, for their preservation use a special brine in which the concentration of salt may reach 11%.

All products to conservation passes inspection in the factory, it is sorted for size, and prepare a special marinade. By the way, most high quality and tasty mushrooms are marinated in their own juice.

In production, there are still many scraps, deformed hats and other marriage. These raw materials include in sauces, pasta and livestock feed. It must grind, puree and pasteurize.

Pickled mushrooms, which can be purchased at Storum-city, differ in their taste and are ideal as ingredients in many dishes.

Meat indecies one popular ingredient in many dishes — meat Turkey. It has useful properties and is enriched with vitamin A. the meat contains large quantities of calcium, magnesium and iron.

Due to low cholesterol content, Turkey meat is easily digested and stabilizes the metabolism in it. It is allowed to use the women in lactation and young children.

A variety of dishes from this product is enormous. Especially helpful in the preparation buy already butchered meat. Just select the desired part and order it. Buy Turkey meat, the price of which is one of the lowest in the market, in Storum city.


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