9 the features of the phone that are hidden from most users

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Smartphones have so quickly rushed in our lives that not everyone has time to study what they are truly capable of. In addition, the progress does not stand still and constant updates make these devices of the Almighty.

We Site we believe that we can significantly ease some of the tasks, examining a few tricks in Android, and see some of them.

Cloning applications 6a801094f7.jpg

Menu fresh versions of Android there's a "App-clone" where you can duplicate the desired application with a single tap. Clone is useful to those who use one social network under different accounts. For those whose Android version this feature is not supported, there is a special program for cloning.

To download video and audio from YouTube b58e495f1b.jpg

By default Google hides the app with option to download YouTube videos from its official store. But there are third-party developers. Some have long been well established, others new. The principle of these: either specify a link to the video or find it in the app.

The transformation of the smartphone in Libra 2381b999ef.jpg

It turns out that a small object or product in the store can be weighed using a special app that will turn your smartphone into Libra. Install, calibrate with a small air cushion or objects, the weight of which is known in advance (such as coins), and voila!

Mode two Windows with one touch 8eddc92498.jpg

I want to read the e-book and will not switch every time the dictionary? Enable multi window mode! To do this, hold the OSD key of the task list (to the right of the "Home" button) in the app, except that until each of them is able to work in this format.

To enable safe mode 0f95567101.jpg

This mode is needed for debugging and the removal of third-party applications that interfere with the proper operation of the phone. To enabled phone or tablet press and hold the power button. A menu appears with options, press and hold the "Off" or "power Off". When prompted to go into safe mode, click OK.

Use offline maps d5131573bc.jpg

Mobile Internet in roaming is very expensive. What about the orienteering? Download maps to your phone, disable mobile Internet, but leave GPS enabled. Your location on offline maps will be determined via a satellite without the expense of traffic.

Pay by smartphone instead of a map bddf3fc1f2.jpg

Thanks to the modules NFC, built-in to many phones, you can link your credit card to the account in the relevant system (Android Pay or Apple Pay). To pay through electronic systems of payment in thousands of stores accepted anywhere contactless payments.

The scanner, which is always at hand 85924c6f20.jpg

To scan any document or photo you can use your smartphone's camera. This will help special applications that not only recognise the document but saves it in the cloud and will send the intended recipient.

Unlimited search 6d046a8d3e.jpg

With Google Goggles you can try to find anything. Its peculiarity is that instead of search queries you are using your smartphone camera. Especially convenient to make inquiries related to products, commodities, images, and barcodes.

Connecting the smartphone to the smartphone 0d6ab88384.jpg

Thanks to One-Touch-Go (OTG) to any modern smartphone, you can connect a peripheral device including a second phone. To connect to one telephone connects to USB-female adapter, and a second phone — micro-USB-cable. After you identify a phone cable and adapter, you can safely connect them together.

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