Sets for games with a creative approach

Nearly every parent cares about their physical and mental development of your child. Fortunately, the offers on the market today are many and their number is growing. You can highlight the most thoughtful, well-proven options which are beneficial to the development of the baby, bring a lot of "drive", to stimulate creativity. For example, This is the original constructors consisting of bricks to play with special gears. Variety, it allows to create small and large masterpieces, has many other advantages.

Brick Kirpichnikova to them very simple. For some, it is clear intuitively, but of course to each set implies the existence of detailed instructions in their native language. Children and their parents appreciated the benefits of an innovative approach to the organization of gambling activities:

  • Significantly improves motor skills of hands. As you know, the fingertips have nerve endings that stimulate brain activity, develop a positive impact on the psycho-emotional background.
  • All the components of constructor safe. They can not swallow, break into pieces. They are created from hypoallergenic materials, non-toxic, chemically neutral.
  • Reasonable cost. Buy yourself or as a gift to loved ones sets can afford everyone. Out on the basis of inexpensive but durable materials. Moreover, well-established production technology, which greatly reduces the cost.
  • With cubes and gears will create a train, car, ship, to build a tower, a wall. This is not a complete list!

Colors and ease of use

Colors of the constituent elements of bright, rich, but it is also thought by psychologists. It is not irritating to the eyes, not tiring. On the contrary, colors to stimulate play and cognitive activities, creative projects. This is a great way to take the child, but you can create something new together — such activities brings families closer together. All the components of the kit durable. If necessary, they can carry with them, for example, during a trip on vacation. They will not lose their valuable technical and operational properties even after long journeys.


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