The benefits of cooktops

Today ease to be relatively simple. In particular, it is possible to simplify the cooking, to do everything as quickly as possible with minimum energy consumption.

No wonder is so popular the surface electric Teka in Kiev, that are demonstrated in the signature showroom Teka TC 4ROOM. New technologies allow us to conclude that this is the most optimized way, because in the process of heat treatment of the food heats only the cookware, not the other surfaces.

Features cooking panelappletoverlay note that the system is easy to install, but since it involves working with electricity, it is better to invite a specialist. It can also be noted and a reasonable cost. Once the panel was considered fairly expensive, but today the competition in this segment of the market is large, so the vast majority of producers seek to produce products in the middle price range.

Other benefits:
  • Security from the point of view of technology and ecology. So, the magnetic field created during operation of the system is much lower than, say, an electric hair dryer.
  • There is an interesting model with enhanced security. They are disabled in automatic mode, if after a certain period from the beginning of their functioning to the surface was not put utensils.
  • There is a warning light about a hot zone. It glows until then, until they are completely cooled.
  • You can use aluminium, enamelled samples for cooking.

In addition, manufacturers offer various designs: the range form, the light features work.

Warranty and long term sluzbeni to buy products from official suppliers, for example, Tech in Ukraine, you will have a long quality guarantee. Many people install panels, then use them for years. The surface is smooth, smooth, easy to clean, it dries quickly, it does not remain stains after treatment cleansers.

By the way, despite its apparent fragility, the material is resistant to mechanical stress, intensive use, humidity changes. Today it is the most economical and practical option, which is installed in restaurants, cafes, apartments and homes.


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