60% of Chinese manufacturers of solar panels will close in 2017

2017 will be challenging for the solar industry. Analysts predict that in China, 60% of the companies-manufacturers of solar panels will be forced to leave the market. The same difficult situation in the world.

This year China has become the undisputed leader in solar energy over the year the total capacity of solar plants in China has increased by more than 7 GW. But analysts predict the Chinese manufacturers of solar panels to the complexity in the new year.

These companies have fairly large debts, the demand for solar panels in 2017 will begin to decline and the price of renewable energy over the past 8 years has fallen by 94%.The combination of these factors will lead to the fact that 60% of the companies-manufacturers of solar panels will be forced to leave the market in 2017.

The production of such panels in China has increased significantly lately, but domestic demand is not enough to find a use for all manufactured products. And when selling it on European markets the price is set in the heart of 0.40 Euro, which is much below the minimum import prices adopted in the European Union of 0.56 euros.

But a similar problem predict not only Chinese companies. According to analyst GTM Research, the same is the situation all over the world — not all solar panel manufacturers will be able to survive in the market in 2017. In the new year the growth of solar energy will stop, and outdated legislation, for example, in the United States are not allowed to develop this market quickly enough. published

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Source: hightech.fm/2016/12/26/PV-makers


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