15 absurd phrases that doctors say to their patients

Twelve million nine hundred eighty nine thousand fifty eight

Sometimes, hearing the doctor's recommendation, we begin, to put it mildly, to doubt his professionalism.

Site found on the Internet is absurd phrases that were uttered by the people who once gave the Hippocratic oath.

Twenty one million two hundred seventy seven thousand four hundred eleven

Sixty three million eight hundred thirty one thousand six hundred fifty one

Ninety five million six hundred nineteen thousand five hundred forty

Eighteen million four thousand sixty five

Two million five hundred eighty four thousand seven hundred fifty four

Ninety one million nine hundred nineteen thousand five hundred ninety two

Sixty five million five hundred eighty three thousand eight hundred thirty one

Twenty one million four hundred eighty seven thousand seven hundred forty one

Eighty four million two hundred eighty seven thousand four hundred sixty one

Five million seven hundred eighty one thousand eleven

Nine million four hundred ninety two thousand fifty eight

Twenty six million four hundred thirty eight thousand seven hundred forty two

Fifteen million eight hundred thirty thousand two hundred fifty six

Eight million one hundred two thousand three hundred one

Sixty three million four hundred ninety six thousand four hundred twelve

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