Special shoes factory tailoring for work, recreation, sports

Made of special materials and special technologies shoes used for active tourism, sport, working process. Abrasion-resistant upper and durable sole are tested in the laboratory. Therefore, in manufacturing or in a campaign such equipment will protect the feet from accidental injuries, getting wet, hypothermia/overheating. Online store Tornado offers quality shoes, ensuring the safety and comfort of the workflow. Here presented products are certified and have a warranty.

Scope ispolzovaniiem is used in large industries, construction sites, processing plants. The direct appointment of such equipment – protection of feet from injuries. The workers also feel more comfortable in the special shoes or boots that don't melt from hot floors or withstand low temperature cold rooms. The proposed special shoes improves the comfort conditions of work in shops with high humidity and damp.

Another direction is the use of special equipment became a sport:
  • waterproof of the model allows to fully preserve the internal temperature of the shoes or boots;
  • biathletes and athletes appreciate a Shoe that does not slip on ice, snow, wet surfaces;
  • considered a durable upper and sole.

Fans of active recreation and fishing appreciate shoes and boots that you long to wander the swampy marshes, to go to the forest to hunt. Comfortable fit and light weight eliminate foot fatigue after an active day. In Alpine skiing also use special snowmobiles and Hiking shoes.

The materials of the inner layer and the sole spetsopoula interior trim is used for winter shoes that the feet will not freeze even in the dead of winter. In the production of artificial and natural fur.

Synthetic fabric is suitable for low-cost lineup. This outfit at an affordable cost and limited conditions.

Leather material is of high value and appropriate quality. In such shoes your feet "breathe", and the surface does not become waterlogged from heavy rains, rains or melting snow.

For durable and high-quality soles are chosen special material. The quality and duration of operation leading nitrile. But the sole is has a high cost and substantial weight.

More affordable is polyurethane based. Shoes vulnerable to low temperatures and are not suitable for use in wet conditions.

The thermoplastic elastomer appreciate Hiking and skiing. But this equipment cannot be used in manufacturing plants, where there is contact with oil or chemicals.

The right choice of footwear for work, sport or leisure will save the cost of replacing ruined shoes, to protect their own health.


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