15 tweets from people who have no surprise

Twenty four million eight hundred ninety five thousand six hundred eighty two

Life is so unpredictable and presents so many surprises that if you do not treat everything with a healthy dose of apathy you crazy.

Site collected tweets from people who have managed to accept life in all its contradictions. They've done and everything ready.

Two million three hundred forty eight thousand eight hundred eighteen

Twenty million nine hundred sixty eight thousand three hundred fifty five

Seventy eight million five hundred eighty three thousand four hundred seventy one

Seventy four million seven hundred eighty seven thousand three hundred eighty six

Twenty one million two hundred ninety four thousand eight hundred twenty seven

Forty six million nine hundred fifty four thousand eight hundred seven

Forty three million three hundred eighty four thousand two hundred ninety two

Twenty six million two hundred thirteen thousand three hundred sixty five

Eighteen million six hundred seventy one thousand eight hundred seventy seven

Twenty nine million three hundred ninety eight thousand seven hundred eighty three

Eighty six million nine hundred eighty two thousand four hundred seventy seven

Thirty million six hundred seventy two thousand one hundred ninety five

Seventeen million six hundred twenty nine thousand five hundred forty four

Eighty four million seven hundred fifty one thousand one hundred seventy

Thirty seven million four hundred eighty eight thousand three hundred forty seven

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