10 famous photos that are actually fake

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The Internet often presents us with surprises in the form of clever manipulations. In some users they provoke laughter, others treat them with suspicion.

We in the Website have found some striking examples of photos that have caused a wow-effect among users worldwide, but actually are fake.

Nominee no nomination

One of the oldest and most famous examples of viral photos. His appearance at the dawn of photoshop caused a lot of noise on the Internet. This is actually two unrelated images that are masterfully combined into one. Perhaps, from this photo hurt the reputation of the National Geographic. The fact that the photo is often accompanied by the caption "Nominee for the best photo of the year from National Geographic".

Castle-island or island-castle

Short, succinct and so inviting signature "Castle island, Ireland" does not leave you a chance. I want to drop everything and move to Dublin to at least one eye to see this miracle of human thought. Alas, with the same success can go to Neverland, because it is high-quality photoshop, which is trusted by millions of Internet users.

The more fruit

For several years in a row on the eve of the summer season, the social network went crazy with the photo charm juicy treats. As it is called: blue, lunar, Chinese, Japanese... But not talking about the main thing: in nature, this original fruit does not exist.

The big Bang theory

"If you are one of the most famous scientists in the history of the planet, then expect that you will remember the place and out of place" — said albert Einstein in 1911. Joke, he didn't say that. Exactly the same as riding a bike next to a nuclear explosion in Nevada in 1962. The more that a great scholar was at that time already 7 years dead. In General, the two photos merged into one and now delight the eye of users in all social networks without exception.

Legendary saver

Two years ago in the Internet appeared photo, which allegedly shows behind the scenes of shooting the legendary screensaver Studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Perhaps someone thought it was funny, but animal advocates protested this cavalier treatment of the king of beasts. To avoid misunderstanding, I hasten to assure you that the fake photo. The original post shows that the lion was in a clinic on the MRI.

Fear has big eyes

At the sight of this photo it is impossible not to smile. Despite the fact that the emergency situation on the set of a wildlife film actually sometimes happen, this is not the case. It clearly indicates the shape of the bear's head and a piece of green grass on his right front paw. Verdict: photoshop. So if you repost this photo without explanation, then unfortunately you have been deceived.

Great white (painted) shark

Pictures of animals has always attracted considerable interest of the public. That a super photo of a great white shark with the comment: "Photo of the year from National Geographic" shared Internet space in 2016. So, many have decided that the photos are genuine, others do not believe in the courage and skill of the photographer who took it. As a result, another high-profile exposure, the results of which National Geographic even had to make a retaliatory move.

Very strong kid

Although during pregnancy the woman feels like the baby's kicking, and could even see the bulges on your abdomen, the abdominal wall is too thick that the foot print was visible so clearly. In addition, the leg seems disproportionate for the baby in the belly. In General, if a child could do it, then call it would cost Hercules. The source of this photo is unknown, but most likely the fake, and his later imitators, so don't trust my eyes.


The story of how George Bush reading a book upside down, relishing not only the Internet users. Photograph with inverted cover and spread by some media, which hinted at the stupidity of the US President. Nevertheless, the noise around the photos were artificial, as the original Bush was holding the book as necessary.

For a second before...

This fotoalben appeared on the Internet in just a few weeks after the September 11 attack. Despite the obvious logical inconsistencies (as a tourist not hear the plane? why he did not tell the photographer? how the camera survived?), the horror of the scenario and a painful perception of the tragedy in the world gave a huge impetus to the spread of the image. However mythical aura photos were debunked, and then was found and the tourist.

Photo on preview gizmodo

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