In each fridge there's food-killer. Look in your!

Every year a growing number of people who suffer from serious diseases, the worst of which is cancer. Scientists have long known that diet affects the development of this disease. The food you daily eat without fear, can become a ticking time bomb! Here is a list of harmful products, which should immediately eliminate from your diet.

What causes rukopashny food
  1. Canned tomatoes
    About the dangers of canned doctors say more than one year and there is a convincing explanation. In the manufacture of cans use BPA-A. This element changes the structure of DNA, which may cause the development of cancer cells. The most dangerous products in this category are tomatoes, because having a high acidity, they are stronger corrode walls of the cans and enter into a chemical reaction with the harmful components.

  2. Sodas
    A short argument that will forever discourage the desire to eat sweet drink: the chemical 4-methylimidazole, used in the manufacture of carbonated drinks, causes cancer.

  3. Margarine
    Primarily affects the liver. It contains TRANS fats, which our body process is not under force.

  4. Processed meat
    American Institute for cancer research confirmed that processed red meat increases the risk of cancer.

  5. Donuts
    Sweet and lush dessert contains just 3 hazardous ingredient: sugar, white flour and oil in which the doughnuts are cooked.

  6. Sausage
    Smoked ruthlessly destroy our bodies. Trumpeted by scholars, the media and directly to the world Health Organization. Frightening statistics show that people who eat daily even 160 grams smoked sausages 44% more likely to develop cancer than people who eat meat carcinogenic no more than 100-120 grams a day or even do not consume it.

  7. Products marked "diet"
    Most diet products do more harm than good. The chemical sweetener aspartame is a common artificial component in their composition. Aspartame in the body starts reprository processes, such as cancer and heart problems.

  8. Sweeteners
    In addition to aspartame, there are several artificial sweeteners that are not recommended to use. It is Acesulfame potassium, Sucralose, stevia. These names hides a powerful threat to humans. Excessive consumption may reward the body with a bunch of diseases, the most dangerous of which is cancer of the brain.

Carefully watch your nutrition to avoid becoming a victim of deadly products. Share this information with friends, because hazardous food is in the diet of each person.

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