He bought her socks and in the morning...

He bought her socks.
And in the morning brought her a Cup of tea
Day like dying from boredom
She scribbled the message "I miss you"



She loved to hug
And often perfectly understood
Was afraid very much to lose
And at night straightened the blanket

Once their fate has separated
The reason – coincidence or case
Herself for the something accused
And he decided, "leave her, not torture"

And then just a big distance
Can't believe it, but the way it was
This here is a bad test
And he loved as she is loved


Yes time helps but does not cure
After all, how ridiculous they broke up
They had one meeting
Eyes met and embraced

Here is the fate of the blessing
He again brought her morning tea
And in the afternoon she wrote a message
"I'm waiting for you, my love do not be sad"

How often this is happening in the world
That in order to live happy
The fate of the people it brings, it breeds
After all, happiness is also to be earned

©Valerie Maximov, 2013


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

Source: //www.stihi.ru/2013/09/13/1230


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