Safety: what to do to not "ripped off the roof»

People need to "prophetsa» — Mom, he left me! Ever! how to live, mom? From my hands all falls, I can't cleaning to do me bad! And the school will not go!

— I told you! To speak or not? Well, what to cry? Don't cry. Well, don't cry! Tears of sorrow will not help, but it would be something to regret? You will have If Whether and Serezha. What do you mean, not going? The ignorant will remain now? Let's dry your tears, let's have Breakfast and go to school. And the conversation is over, all the tears from idleness. Here sit down for the lessons, forget that. You're not so busy.

Eighty million twenty two thousand two hundred fourteen

In Galkina head banging hammers. Here it is: "BU-BU-BU, BU-BU-BU". And it was heartbreaking. Lump in my throat became more and more dense, and overgrown with thorns, which so tickled that tears welled up in his eyes. Almost kept them, to get out the door from this "Boo-Boo". And after swept "bitch, I have your problems!".

Natasha was home, thank God... Natasha, can I be honest – she's a rock, though... if you mess with her, you'll tell all other friends and acquaintances. But now, now that... now Galchonok felt like she turned into a pressure cooker under pressure. Just like at the cottage with my grandmother, so the volume pot with a tight lid, which puffed, slowly releasing the smell of cabbage. But cover Galkina personal pan sat tight, releasing only an evil and a few tears. Inside she puffed, bubbles of resentment, anger, self-pity, ran up, and tried to burst, but the lid of this pressure cooker was crushed by all the force of her will to not cry and break something. And as we talk! And roar! Direct, very! At worst, kick or swing to smack the boys in the hats.

— Natasha... we broke up... imagine what kind of goat?

-Yeah??? Natashkina eyes widened as it opened from the news of mouth. "Battle stance" to receive information accepted instantly. Oh, thank God! If opened the floodgates.

Halka and threw herself. Slowly at first, trying to hold back sobs, then louder, louder until it roared in a voice in Natasha's lap. Devastation. And relief. Like poured a bucket of slops from the soul. As if freed from a heavy burden.

Mind to the exhausted cry of the Jackdaws body was returning gradually. "Oh, and why is she so recounted?". Realizing that "set up", first put the worm of guilt under the heart and made the decision as Scarlett: "I'll think about it tomorrow".

Much more frequently than the user what to do, we all need acceptance.The same shoulder where to cry on, to take out of a hill, so as not to disrupt the notorious cover from the saucepan.

Thirty eight million four hundred seventy seven thousand one hundred fifty one

Because suppressing negative emotions, we "pack" them inside yourself. These virtual bubbles wants to break out of the feeling are pressed by the muscles of the body, swallowed the lump in her throat. If he is already virtual, why swallow it physically? And how after you need strength to hold all this scum.... all life? So much to withstand, it is necessary to moderate pain, off the receptors, "drink like a painkiller", to freeze the feelings. The pain becomes less, only the body will be less to feel. This fee for the "no pain". The second side of the Board - failure to feel "joy", because the "receivers" of any "signals" were not sensitive.

In retreat I will say that this state is illustrated by the eight of cups Tarot. Circuit in the shell of my emotions, refusing to share their experience condition, and pain of rejection and the decision "not to feel". "Don't feel, think!"— the motto of obsessive disorder. "Do not feel, and do" — the motto of compulsive. Ghali mother advises her daughter with the best of intentions and then another. "Never mind and do your homework". And my daughter is in a special state of consciousness.In a very special way. It is suggestible as ever. She is "naked" now, all forces are spent on "don't cry", critical thinking is disconnected and information is perceived at a deeper level. Falls, falls into the subconscious.

Things happen in life like that or a car will fly past, nearly hitting the wing, or icicle from the roof will fall very close to, or as a "bullet to his temple", will fly other danger to life. From the awareness of a happy "rescue" effusions with warmth, and body a little samlet, and legs slightly buckled. Is? Here, the relaxation we feel. And then, as tensed in a moment of danger – not feel. The body is compacted and without our "brainstorming", a reflex. Then "let go", saving us from education the effects of trauma. It turns out to be smarter than the neocortex in matters of survival, health. The body froze, crouched, body dumped adrenaline into the blood, other hormones, and then gave the "all clear" and we "let go". That's only when we noticed that "grouped".

Yeah, the whole conversation about the psychological trauma. On the mechanism of their formation and the transition to the level of somatic symptoms, level of disease.

In itself grief is the injury? This is a grave psychological condition. He has a time frame. Yes, live it hard. Failure to survive is the cutting of the tail in dogs in parts of the "compassionate" master. The question is what, and for how long will be felt the consequences of not passing grief, and how often it will be "ikatsya" later in life "lump in the throat" and high blood pressure (holding the lid). Injury give rise to not so much emotions, how many the ban on their expression.

My mother Gali. Silenced, devalued, gave instructions and accused. To heap more self-fulfilled prophecy hung. This, incidentally, is important because the experience overwhelming feelings makes people very suggestible. Malice is she? No, not out of malice.

The mother could be scared, confused condition of his daughter and to choose the psychological protection that came to hand: negate blind eye and pretend that it's all nonsense, and nothing serious. My mother's attempt to restore composure to his daughter: "sit at the table as if nothing had happened, and again be my happy-go-lucky girl."

My mother's advice in coping strategy: "I gasped, crap out".

Mom helps as you can and as best he can, she is involved, she is stupid can be scary for your daughter. As a result, my daughter ran to her friends, and mom would say nothing, too, because the daughter how come will not listen to the mother about how the mother cares about her.

People need to "propiaritsya". Don't stop your loved ones, let them complain, let her cry. As a rule, they know what to do in this situation or find a solution then, without the "crazy".

They say that love is important benefits. Learn now and take.published 


Author: Irina Panina

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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