Top 10 ideas for your bathroom: comfort and order guaranteed. Paradise of a perfectionist...

It's fine when in the house cleanliness, order and comfort. But too often confusion reigns in the bathroom, because women have so many different cosmetic products, towels, plates... Especially that scares men, it is so hard to find my shampoo among plenty of jars.

Edition "Website" will tell you how to store things in the bathroom so it was always in order, but at the same time, everything was at hand.

The modern bathroom interior
  1. These are simple but stylish shelf from pallets can be done by anyone.

  2. A very convenient option of a shower. Not to buy expensive cabin, it is possible to make shower, leaving room for storage.

  3. Don't forget about the door. It can greatly save the space.

  4. It's just perfect! When necessary, the necessary means at hand, and when not hidden from view.

  5. A very good idea. Can be laid without leaving a bath, to be sure that the socket is not exposed to water.

  6. The shelf is very convenient. Because you can hang them in any available place.

  7. She can sew like this organizer for a bath room. Takes up little space, is easily mounted and holds everything you need.

  8. Take care that the Laundry basket was hidden — it is hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing.

  9. If you're a fan of perfect order in the bathroom, this idea is for you. Not exactly going to waste time on long search of the necessary tools.

  10. The space between the toilet and the wall also may be involved.

Every thing in the house should have its place. Time to throw out all the jars from the means used, so as not to clutter up the already small space. And don't forget to share useful ideas with your friends in social networks!

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