Sponge, scissors and a handful of grains — everything you need for children's happiness. How cute!

If you're in search of simple and exciting ideas useful for hanging out with baby, this article is just for you! The germination of seeds in unusual ways — a very interesting exercise that can magically attract the baby and parents. To acquaint the child with the development and life of plants, to grow each grain, and then enjoy the harvest — why not adventure!

Edition «Site» shares fun ideas that can easily help to instill in children a love of plants.

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Children's garden with your own hands
  1. The garden on the kitchen sponge
    For this fun experiment you will need an ordinary kitchen sponge, water and a toothpick. For germination it is best to take flax seeds and watercress — they are unpretentious, quickly sprouting, but still edible! Just imagine how proud will be eaten by a salad with greens grown baby. Fifty five million five hundred seventy eight thousand one hundred fourteen

    There is a small secret — the best cut of the sponge moist. But when the house assembled and the seeds planted, the sponge should be slightly damp — they don't have to drain the water.

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    Watered the baby house several times a day from a spray bottle. The first 2-3 days the unusual garden is to hide a plastic bag to avoid drying of seeds. For roof you can use a soft "cream" from the seeds, soak them in water. Then that tiny seeds just will not crumble.

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    How great it turned out! The birth process plants from weightless grains are so striking that they captivate not only the little gardener, but also their parents.

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  2. Growing pumpkins in a pumpkin
    Sprouting pumpkin seeds — the process is tedious, but it certainly will appeal to novice mother's helpers. Choose a small, but strong pumpkin and partially clean it from the pulp. Fill the pumpkin with soil, plant some of her seeds and fields with water. If you start to germinate seeds now, the beginning of the season the sprouts can be transplanted in the ground, and in the fall to reap a real harvest. By the way, in the process of rotting pumpkin does not exude unpleasant odors, but only serves as an excellent power source for small seeds. And what an extraordinary pot turned out!
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  3. Sprouting beans on cotton balls
    This method is one of the easiest methods is to demonstrate to the child how developed the root system of plants. Nothing complicated, just need to fill a jar with cotton balls and put beans from the vessel wall. Umlani cotton spray, but do not overdo it — the water should not stagnate in the Bank. Keep a jar on the windowsill, avoiding direct sunlight. After 3 days, will appear spine, and after 8-9 days on the first pair of leaves will grow a network of shoots. Two weeks later, you will witness the transformation of a small bean into a strong plant! So young beans you can transplant into the soil in the garden and continue to care for her.
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  4. Sprout beans in paper
    Pour on the bottom of small cans of water (thickness of water layer is 2 cm), roll the cloth into a tight roll and place in a container. Beans put to the wall of the jar. The moisture from the bottom will rise to the napkin and moisten the root system. Do not forget from time to time moisten a cloth from a spray bottle. Tiny bean forms root system incredibly quickly, within a few days you will notice the spine!
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To acquaint the child with the plant life all year round! We just need to allocate some space in the house for the children's vegetable garden, and your little boy will certainly love this exciting family activity.

Share our entertaining article with your friends, parents and their kids will also appreciate these great ideas.

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