Homemade SUV (12 photos)

This unique car built makeshift craftsman from Karaganda.

Double body is made of metal and hand-Duran. Head optics is made up of rectangular American headlights, turn signals and rear stopsignaly of LEDs. Side windows folding. Glass of the driver and passengers can be opened on the go, for this is electric. With electric drive here and the hood, which gives access to the luggage compartment, and some of the mechanisms of the machine. Installed narrow wheels of agricultural threaded protector like motocross bikes for the fact that the car would "bite" into the ground. In order to provide an opportunity to get out of the car medium difficulty off road captivity underneath is a special samovytaskivatel with chain-driven winch. Anchor spade-exempt easy manipulation, includes an electric motor and cunning chain drive propels the car for the length of the body. But cars turned out quite easy and good coasting on a level surface facing a space easily force two people. The result was something.


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