Inventions creative designers from China

Excellent selection of homemade cool gadgets and inventions that were made by self-taught inventors from China. Look;)

San Gif 32 years ago lost his arms and self-constructed for themselves dentures

Zhang Vuy testing the suction pipe at its new submarine,
which is designed to collect sea cucumbers

Chinese inventor Ian Zongfu gets out of his own rescue capsule to 6 tons,
after she was dropped from the mountain and landed in the water

A woman riding a unicycle in a park in Shanghai.
Unicycle has been designed in the early 21 th century Chinese inventor Li Yongli

Zhang Ksyuylin sits inside his homemade airplane, motorcycle around

55-year-old blacksmith, Tian Shengiing adjusts his homemade helicopter rotor

A mechanic named Wu has created in his own garage robot assistant

63-year-old inventor of Han Yyuzi demonstrates not a comb, and a new musical instrument

Lee Dzhingchung builds with his sons on the plane roof of his house

Zhang Yali, 49-year-old mechanic, is experiencing a huge homemade bike

Farmer Shu Mensheng hovers above the ground in his backyard on the aircraft,
which he built in your own backyard

Sheila Dean takes off on his homemade aircraft from frozen reservoirs in Shenyang

Lei Zhikyan testing his bike amphibious

Gao Hangen sets the blade on your homemade helicopter

Zhang Vuy polishes one of his homemade submarine

Homemade gun from the Jan Yyude

Farmer Shu Mensheng before taking off in a homemade glider

Wu Yulu drives on your walking robot rickshaw-

Tao Ksyangli after a successful dive on a makeshift submarine

Homemade Helicopter 22-year-old farmer in Zonguana

Homemade F1 car from Zhao Ksiguo

Li Yuming checked his homemade submarine

Yoo Joon testing homemade helicopter backyard



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