"Squirrels and rabbits": an addictive puzzle game for the whole family!

You like that all things were in its place? If Yes, then surely you will like the story about the rabbits and squirrels that need to be moved, following a course of action.

Site found to the reader a fascinating puzzle to solve which is better to connect the whole family.

Fifty five million four hundred twenty thousand seven hundred fifty seven

At stumps as numbers 1 and 3 are rabbits, and at stumps with the numbers 6 and 8 located proteins. Except that animals don't like this, and they dream of trading places at stumps. Rabbits would like to take the place protein, and proteins — the place of rabbits. But each animal may be on the new stump, moving only in accordance with such conditions:

Any animal can jump from one stump to another only as shown on the drawing lines. However, he is able to make several consecutive jumps from one stump to another. On one stump two animal at the same time, should not sit, so they are required to jump only on unoccupied stumps. And so like rabbits and squirrels — being impatient, they need to meet the sixteen jumps. So how do they do that?


To move they must therefore: the rabbit jumps from 1 stump 5, and the second rabbit — from 3 to 7 and then from 7 to 1. Protein with 8 of the stump jumps to 4, then jumps to 3, then 7. At this time, a squirrel with 6 stump moves in lines 2, 8, 4, and turns on the stump with number 3. Bunny sitting on stump 5, jump on 6, then 2, then 8. Caught on the stump with the number 1 rabbit jumps successively for 5 and 6. And at the end of rabbit with hemp at number 7 it jumps to 1. And all the animals are in new places.

Excerpt from the book by Yakov Isidorovich Perelman "101 puzzle".

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