In the stratosphere spraying ice particles to combat warming

In Arizona, an experiment in which in the stratosphere spraying ice particles. Then scientists will try to answer the question whether reflecting the Sun's light particles to cope with the greenhouse effect.

Harvard Professor David Keith plans to test his idea to control solar radiation in order to combat global warming. He agreed with the company World View Enterprises about the launch high-altitude balloons in Arizona. He is going to spray with a tiny ice particles into the stratosphere and see what happens next.

The terms of the first launches are still unknown. But, if they are successful, the experiment will help to answer many important questions in geoengineering. For example, it will be possible to know if I can help spraying reflective particles in the atmosphere to combat the greenhouse effect.

The experiment of Professor Keith doesn't threaten the environment — will be used ice particles and not something else, such as sulfuric acid, which could have brought harm to the environment. The experiment can be a good start for such research.

Climate change is affecting our planet than the Arctic is getting warmer, glaciers are melting — the last year the average temperature in the Arctic has risen by 2.3 degrees Fahrenheit. To study and affect the climate, in the beginning of this year in the United States has decided to allocate funds for research in the field of geoengineering. published


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