Japan commercialize new energy source — methane hydrate

50 Japanese companies will join forces to create an effective technology of extraction of methane hydrate and get energy from it. In the country consider this energy source method to obtain energy independence.

Seventy seven million two hundred four thousand three hundred eighty eight

Methane hydrate is a compound of water and methane which is stable only under certain temperature and pressure. In nature, it contains either in permafrost or deep under the ocean floor — in both cases it looks like a huge ice chunks, so the fuel is also called "burning ice."

Obstacle to its spread is the cost of production and transportation. But Japan, who led the commercialization, hopes to replace this fuel to nuclear energy and liquefied natural gas. In April will create an organization that will accelerate the development of technologies to produce such fuels. Companies together will create an effective technology of deepwater drilling, to reduce the cost of its delivery and to reduce costs.

Eighty seven million six hundred four thousand two hundred four

Japan plans to begin commercial production of methane hydrate in 2023. Now the government encourages all interested companies to join the project. Today, Japan relies heavily on imports of fossil fuels from the Middle East. Its energy self-sufficiency at the lowest level among developed countries, and methane hydrate her chance to increase their independence.

According to some estimates, methane hydrate will be able to supply Japan for the next hundred years. For this project the Japanese company and Japan Oil Gas and Metals National Corp has already given test of borax. published  


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Source: hightech.fm/2017/03/16/japan_methane


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