In the UK plan to install wind turbines on lamp posts

The British company NVT Group and Own Energy has developed a plan to equip lampposts small wind installations.


In the UK, 10 million poles, 2 million at least you can install windmills. Excess electricity goes to the grid of the country. Initially, the companies intend to create 25 jobs over three years to bring the number of employees to 300 people.

The company's turnover in five years is expected to reach 400 million pounds, to expect businessmen. In addition, they hope to export potential — the idea is already interested in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ireland and South Africa. Own Energy is located in Scotland.


Local politicians were encouraged by the energy project, it will replenish the budget and new jobs. In addition, energy independence, albeit partial, is important for the region, where voices of political independence from London. Pronedra reported earlier that in the shallows in the North sea will build an artificial island and around the wind farm. published


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