In Hong Kong, invented the energy-efficient LED lamp

The research team from Hong Kong has developed energy-saving LED technology with a light output of 129 lumens per watt. This is 1.5 times the efficiency of traditional led lamps and exceeds the performance of any lighting available on the market.

Traditional led bulb costs $47 in electricity tariff and annually increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 31 kg. the New technology can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30% — it will cost $33 in electricity tariff, and the amount of emissions annually would be equal to 22 kg.

The technology developed in Hong Kong, the lamp provides not only high energy efficiency but also long life, optimum production cost, high color rendering index, beam angle 300 degrees, and the low level of UV radiation. In addition, the new LED lamps are more environmentally friendly — they are composed of 80% recycled materials.

However, the Hong Kong developers are not the only perpetrators of such breakthroughs. Recently, Lighting Science, a manufacturer of led lamps, provided a lamp L-Bar Luminaire which produces 150 lumens per watt. It can replace standard lamp: one lamp length 4 feet (120 cm) emit luminous flux, equal to 4,500 lumens, and lamp 2 ft — 2350 lumens. published



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