Why sausage

Many people wonder Why the sausage? The answer lies in the history of its creation, which began in 1935, when the party instructed all-Russian research Institute of Meat Industry for dietary (health) nutrition to develop recipes of sausage for patients with somatic signs of consequences of long starvation. The creators originally wanted to call it Stalinist, but decided that the leader has to assess and send to the KGB. Therefore, it was decided to call the sausage so to speak on the appointment of doctoral.

Recipe of sausage doctoral made according to GOST: per 100 kg of sausage have: beef tendon removed the highest grade — 25; pork tendon removed bold — 70; chicken eggs or melange — 3; cow milk, dry whole or skim — 2; spices and other materials g (per 100 kg of unsalted raw materials): salt — 2090; sodium nitrite — 7,1; sugar or glucose — 200; nutmeg or cardamom ground — 50.

The population appreciated the inexpensive but quality product. But like all new over time, doctor's sausage began to deteriorate. When in feed for cows and pigs, fish okoji, the sausage began to smell “the sea”. These experiments with "Doctor" started in the 70-ies. Due to the shortage of meat in the USSR in the course went all sorts of supplements, primarily soy. Next came the turn of carrageen (aka Irish moss), which produce the so-called carrageenan – thickeners, artificial additives, replicas of food. During perestroika, even went to the fable that Doctoral sausage add toilet paper. Can imagine how spoilt was her taste.
Currently, the brand doctor's sausage by anyone not patented, and therefore, each manufacturer produces under this brand to me.


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