Cozy people

Cozy magical people... One day in the life of every person is bound to appear totally harmless, a very Frank and open — welcoming people. When meeting with them, you want to smile endlessly, and indeed the feeling of happiness imperceptibly covers from head to toe. Some people go too fast because you begin not to notice the time drinking cups of tea and change topics.

You suddenly realize that this man is near and dear. Unimportant is the fact that from the moment of your acquaintance, it took a couple of weeks, days or minutes. Just in the company of people you like yourself better, warmer and more harmonious.

In the moments of parting you want very much to hug, this magical person, because only with him you can be yourself, only he can put all that long ago waiting for their audience in your mind. You seem ready to go after him even into the unknown distance, to conquer the seas and oceans, anywhere, just to feel the indescribable “comfort.”


One day you suddenly want to be like them. I want to radiate warmth and light, to give other people joy and to do good. Then you pull away from their too important Affairs and serves parents who come after work, exhausted, a delicious dinner, then you write to friends who have not heard from you heard that the miss and not against to meet in the days,then you open for yourself with a completely different side.

To be a comfortable man — very nice, though probably incredibly hard in today's world people are accustomed to, seldom giving something in return. But worth a try? Right? published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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