When the daughter finished the repairs, the parents could not believe their eyes... what a transformation!

When in the same room tiny apartment crammed the whole family, and the means for moving to a dwelling more there, you can try to do from the old Khrushchev cozy apartment, where everyone will find a place for themselves. Our competent heroine did!

Well, the editors «Site» offers you see what she did.

Redevelopment of one-quarteryear looked flat to repair.

Ninety million seven hundred fifty eight thousand six hundred two

And that's what happened after!

Seventy one million five hundred eighty one thousand nine hundred five

Repair the owner started with a sore place — a large room that was living room, bedroom and a place for girls at the same time.

Eleven million twenty one thousand four hundred five

Nineteen million fifty three thousand four hundred thirty three

Had to sacrifice the size of the living room, but it was worth it, because the girls got their own room! And living, according to the owners, was much more comfortable.

Four million six hundred ninety nine thousand four hundred eighty five

Six million three hundred seventy five thousand thirty two

Ninety nine million four hundred twenty three thousand five hundred nine

When the repair is reached the kitchen, the family decided not to get rid of old furniture, but only refreshed the interior parts and expanded its functionality.

Four million eight hundred fifty four thousand three hundred nineteen

Seventy million two hundred fourteen thousand one hundred twenty five

The loggia of the repair is also not spared: it was quite decent office. Very efficient use of space, as for me!

Twenty five million three hundred fifty five thousand two hundred forty one

Nine million twenty thousand five hundred forty one

And here is the hallway — the card mistress. Cozy hallway as believes the girl will cheer up every guest and will give a portion of positive emotions for the whole day!

Seventy three million twenty four thousand one hundred sixty eight

Fifty million two hundred sixty nine thousand five hundred thirty six

Ninety five million eight hundred six thousand three hundred sixty four

In General, the family happy, because now the apartment was much more comfortable and every member of the family is the place where you can retire. And this is important!

I hope this experience will inspire you to change something. After all miracles have to do with their hands!

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